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"It Got Better" Third Season

Tune in to Lexus Channel L/Studio for Season Three of “It Got Better”

Lexus has always been a brand with a focus on quality of life. As a luxury-car brand, its very existence is based on improving customer driving experiences (for proof, test-drive the 2016 Lexus IS), and through its involvement in special occurrences like the annual Lexus Gran Fondo gourmet cycling event and the CFDA + LEXUS FASHION* INITIATIVE for sustainable design, it continues to promote a better world for all. The company is continuing this trend with a new season of “It Got Better” on its L/Studio digital content network. Check out the first episode above!


Hard at work in the Lexus factory

Lexus Workers Apply the Perfectionist’s Touch to Fresh-Built Vehicles


Hard at work in the Lexus factoryLuxury-car shoppers have an exacting eye for quality and a refined sense of sophistication. After all, if they wanted a generic set of wheels, they would have settled for a budget sedan or low-quality coupe. Lexus is well aware of the kind of shopper it caters to, and it goes out of its way to craft impeccable vehicles that are the envy of every parking lot. Now Lexus is taking that attention to detail to the next level, equipping the first Lexus factory in the United States to spot and catch flaws as soon as they appear.


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