Lexus has always been a brand with a focus on quality of life. As a luxury-car brand, its very existence is based on improving customer driving experiences (for proof, test-drive the 2016 Lexus IS), and through its involvement in special occurrences like the annual Lexus Gran Fondo gourmet cycling event and the CFDA + LEXUS FASHION* INITIATIVE for sustainable design, it continues to promote a better world for all. The company is continuing this trend with a new season of “It Got Better” on its L/Studio digital content network. Check out the first episode above!

For the past seven years, L/Studio has provided miniseries, mockumentary series, sitcoms and other digital content to savvy viewers, in addition to archived original artwork, fashion and architecture. The third season of “It Got Better” premiered on L/Studio on May 24, 2016, a passion project from producers and actors Lisa Kudrow and Dan Bucatinsky.

The series is a collaboration between the duo’s Is Or Isn’t Entertainment and the It Gets Better Project created by Dan Savage. The six-episode series tells the personal stories of several LGBT celebrities, detailing obstacles they had to overcome and contrasting them with similar struggles and successes in history. “It Got Better” subjects include Sir Ian McKellen, Adam Lambert and Raven-Symoné, to name a few.

“‘It Got Better’ grew out of our desire to create an original series with personal and inspirational messages by a diverse range of successful LGBT celebrities sharing their emotional experiences of overcoming obstacles,” said Dan Bucatinsky, producer of “It Got Better,” in a press release. “This season more than any other includes such a wide range of stories from racially diverse women and men, aged 20s to 70s, Trans and gay. We’re grateful to L/Studio, a platform that encourages that kind of diversity of storytelling.”

“It Got Better” is available for viewing at as well as on the L/Studio YouTube page. The series will also be syndicated across Here Media channels. Be sure to check out the series, as well as the rest of the programming on the channel!