Trace, a liquid clock design concept from the Lexus Design Awards


One of the things we love most about the vehicles we sell at our Lexus dealership in Margate, FL, is their sophisticated design and simple elegance. Lexus engineers know just how to craft a long-lasting vehicle that doesn’t scrimp on style. That sense of style isn’t limited to just vehicles, though; the automaker has been holding the Lexus Design Awards for the past four years now, and the finalists for the 2016 year were just revealed.

On Tuesday, Lexus International announced there are 12 finalists in the fourth annual Lexus Design Awards, which for 2016 is themed “Anticipation.” To narrow the field down that much must have been no small challenge for the team in charge of this year’s competition. They received more than 1,232 entries from more than 70 different countries! The judges, a globally renowned panel of creators and designers themselves, assembled in November to sit down and evaluate the entries and whittle them down to only a dozen.

Eight of the finalists will present their visions during upcoming panel presentations. Four of the finalists, however, get to actually create design prototypes, assisted by world-recognized creators, and display them in Lexus’ special exhibition during #MilanDesignWeek. One design from a Japanese designer explores how an algae-based material called agar can replace plastic as an eco-friendly packaging material. Another idea is DADA, a toy block conceived by a Korean entrant that can unlock the creativity of children. Shape Shifters is a unique modular-based garment that can be used in new fashion choices, a design presented by an Italian designer in Canada (naturally). And a Turkish team from the UK developed a liquid clock called Trace that visualizes time with UV rays.

The top designer will be announced on April 11 during a large ceremony. The selected Grand Prix winner will receive a special award, in addition to the attention and respect of the global design community. Not bad!

It’s fun to imagine how these cool designs could be used with Lexus vehicles of the future. Can you picture a Lexus NX hybrid with a stunning cabin featuring special seats made of Shape Shifters fabric and a Trace liquid clock in the dash? What about a yet-to-be-constructed Lexus shipped to the factory in protective Agar packaging? Who knows what the future holds!