2016 Lexus LF-FC concept

Eco-friendly shoppers know that Lexus’ parent company, the Toyota Motor Corporation, has been busy of late. The company is promoting its eco-friendly interests and fleshing out fuel cell infrastructure in support of its big plan to roll out 30,000 hydrogen fuel cell vehicles worldwide annually by the year 2020. Well, it seems that Lexus is envisioning similarly engineered vehicles of its own. Wowing attendees and creating noticeable buzz, Lexus revealed a new concept car at the 2015 Tokyo Motor Show that is built to run on hydrogen fuel cells.

The concept in question, the Lexus LF-FC, is a four-door car that was built to bridge the gap between sports cars and luxury vehicles. An imposing executive vehicle, this is one car that is large and in charge. Sitting at nearly 209 inches long, it outstretches rival cars in its class and even surpasses the Lexus LS sedan. The fuel cell stack is located under the hood, with hydrogen tanks near the chassis’ center under the back seat and the battery pack in the rear. Since the battery operates three motors (one powering the rear axle and two more turning the front wheels), it’s an all-wheel drive vehicle for all intents and purposes. And with leading-edge tech such as a gesture-controlled electronics system and a holographic center console in addition to its hydrogen fuel cell drivetrain, it’s a modern marvel.

Time will tell if Lexus vehicles run on hydrogen fuel cells in the near future, or if they’ll stay close to the design of the LF-FC concept, but we’d love to see that be the case! In the meantime, we’ll keep selling the stunning Lexus models we have now at our Lexus dealer in Margate, FL, while we dream about the future.