Hard at work in the Lexus factoryLuxury-car shoppers have an exacting eye for quality and a refined sense of sophistication. After all, if they wanted a generic set of wheels, they would have settled for a budget sedan or low-quality coupe. Lexus is well aware of the kind of shopper it caters to, and it goes out of its way to craft impeccable vehicles that are the envy of every parking lot. Now Lexus is taking that attention to detail to the next level, equipping the first Lexus factory in the United States to spot and catch flaws as soon as they appear.

Lexus has a strong focus on expert craftsmanship (takumi in Japanese), and the company expects all of its employees to embrace it. Regardless of where a new Lexus happens to be constructed — whether near the headquarters in Japan, at the Lexus RX plant in Canada or in the new Lexus ES factory in Georgetown, KY — executives want it to be nearly perfect. That’s why new employees at the Georgetown facility are being trained by Japanese higher-ups to spot imperfections in models as they roll through the assembly line.

White-gloved workers regularly sweep their hands all over the exterior of the vehicles, running hands across the taillights, tapping on the doors, inspecting panel gaps and feeling the bumpers. Throughout the factory, workstations have been set up to train newbies on proper Lexus inspection. Lexus staffers test other employees to see if they spot imperfections with special lighting and feel the difference when a side panel is pressed at different tolerances. According to group leaders, the presence of even a single human hair can ruin a vehicle during the construction process. Lexus vehicles are serious business!

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